Do I have an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

Do I have an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

If there is one thing homeowners want when work is being done on their home, it’s reassurance. They want reassurance that their work is being done properly, reassurance it will look good and reassurance that they are covered if things don’t go to plan. Builders will provide you with a written guarantee that they will cover any future repairs for a certain period. This can have its limitations though and you may not be covered for every scenario. What happens if they go out of business or retire? This is where you need an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

An Insurance Backed Guarantee, or IBG, provides homeowners with protection for their home improvement jobs in the case that the installer ceases to trade.

Contractors will usually make repairs to any jobs that need doing and will offer guarantees, but IBGs take the protection of homeowners to the next level. If the installer ceases trading or retires, then you will be covered by the insurance scheme, providing you with an extra level of reassurance when carrying out home improvement jobs.

How do they work?

When undertaking an improvement project on your home, the contractor should provide you with a written guarantee detailing what it covers and if something goes wrong during the period stated in this guarantee, they will be obliged to fix it for you.

However, issues may arise from this if your contractor hits difficulties. If they are no longer trading when you need repairs, then you won’t be covered by the initial written guarantee. This is where Insurance Backed Guarantees come in.

Insurance Backed Guarantees cover you and protect your investment. If the business ceases to trade and a problem arises, then you can get in touch with us, and we can arrange for a contractor to carry out the repairs covered by your IBG policy.

Do I need an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

If your installer or builder goes out of business, your home improvement investment will only be fully protected if you have an Insurance Backed Guarantee. This makes sure that all your bases are covered and reassures you that you are protected even if your installer no longer trades, giving you extra peace of mind.

Do I have an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

When installers are working on your home, you may be wondering whether you have an Insurance Backed Guarantee. It is important to ask your builder or installer how you are covered, as well as making sure the IBG is being offered by an Authorised Insurer, to give you full protection.

If you are unsure about whether you are covered by an Insurance Backed Guarantee on a previous job, we may be able to help you find out. Contact our Operations Department on your name, post code, year of the installation, work type and the installers name, then we can check to see if you are covered.

Find a contractor who guarantees your protection

If you are carrying out home improvement works and want to be sure that you will have an IBG, choose a QANW member. This will guarantee that your investment has full protection. Use our helpful members search to find a QANW contractor in your area.